Service Process
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Service is what we want but it's the least that we care

Most of us focus cost-cutting tactics and hurry to get products and services to market, neglecting the significance of creating a great experience for their stakeholders. While we may all claim to value our customers and employees, our actions can sometimes tell a different story. We may receive feedback from customers but fail to act upon it or just address concerns that are most cost-effective to fix. We may give training and development programs to staff in order to provide excellent service to customers, but these activities might not be aligned with their service delivery performance.
It is easy to overlook the importance of service in differentiating oneself from competitors and converting customers into brand evangelists. Service is more than simply a fashionable phrase; it is an essential component of assuring long-term business growth. Service should not be limited to contacts between company and customers, but should also include relationships with internal employees too.

The Business Imperative:
Reinventing Your Service Architecture for Long-Term Growth

The entire design and structure of a service system is referred to as service architecture. In contrast of a service blueprint is a thorough visual representation of the whole service process as seen by the customer. It includes all of the touchpoints, processes, and interactions that occur within the service experience.

A service architecture includes all the components that hold the service together.

A service blueprint shows all the steps and interactions involved in delivering the service