Definition and Cookie Usage Policy

Cookies are small files used to store data on your computer and help web browsers “remember” certain information from previous visits to websites. This allows you to access protected data, perform secure transactions, and benefit from various sales promotions. Cookies also enhance your browsing experience on our website. We only use this data to improve website content and overall functionality.

Different websites use different types of cookies. Our website uses cookies to identify the devices you use and combine them with other collected data to understand your preferences. This information is securely stored and not retained in cookies or on the internet.

Cookies save you time when accessing our website by remembering your personal information and displaying content that is efficient and relevant to your needs. We can learn about your interests and preferences, allowing us to develop and customize content to better suit you. For example, we can modify or delete web pages that are not of interest to you and display only the content you are looking for.

Types of Cookies We Use
We primarily use two types of cookies:

Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that expire when you exit our website or after a specified period of inactivity. These cookies remember your browsing activities each time you access the website, enabling you to use the website efficiently.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies store your preferences within our website. They are stored on your computer and retrieved each time you access the website. They help us remember you and your personal interests, allowing us to display content that aligns with your preferences.

About Spot Light Tags
Spot Light Tags analyze user behavior related to clicks on our digital advertisements. They collect only non-identifiable or non-personal data, such as behavioral patterns. No user names, passwords, email addresses, or IP addresses are recorded.

Spot Light Tag activities are reported only when the following three conditions are met:

You click on one of our advertisements and subsequently visit our website.
Specific actions are performed on web pages with installed Spot Light Tags.
These activities occur within 30 days from the date of your click or viewing of our advertisements.

Data Usage from the Internet
We may collect data about your website usage on our digital platforms, including response time, download errors, frequency of visits, duration of visits, and the pages you access. If you have visited our website before, we may also collect data about your interactions on web pages, such as scrolling, clicking, mouseovers, and the type of browser used to access our website. This data helps us identify ways to improve and enhance our website. The collected data may include IP addresses or other unique identifiers related to your internet devices, email addresses used for login, computer information, and connections, such as browser type, version, and time zone settings.

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